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Arusha, Tanzania
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put under severe pressure due to flash floods that occurred periodically in the region that they simply weren’t adapted to cope with. The bullfrogs happen to breed during the hurricane season, making them vulnerable to population swings. A University of Georgia study conducted in 2012 found that some native clearweed plants in the Peach State have evolved resistance to garlic mustard, an invasive plant first introduced 150 years ago to the United States from Europe. A study by Princeton researchers in 2011 found that invasive ship rats brought to New Zealand’s North Island when Europeans first arrived devastated local populations of birds and bats. As pollinators, the native species were an important part of the ecosystem, but the ship rats have filled that role. State fish and wildlife departments monitor the potential introduction of invasive plants and animals from outside their jurisdictions. Alligatorweed, for example, is kroy biermann black jersey an invasive aquatic plant that originated in South America and natural gas to blow debris out of pipes in preparation for making the nearly completed plant operational. The highly flammable gas ignited, creating a horrific explosion that could be felt 40 miles away. Six workers were killed: Peter Chepulis, Ronald Crabb, Raymond Dobratz, Kenneth Haskell, Roy Rushton and Chris Walters. Fifty more were injured. OSHA fined 17 companies that it said had “blatantly disregarded” industry standards, with the largest penalty assessed against general contractor O Industries of Torrington. The deadly blast also focused national attention on the risky practice of using flammable gas to clear pipes. The OSHA violations covered a lengthy list of alleged mistakes and misdeeds inadequate training, poor configuration of vent pipes, failure to keep workers a safe distance away, use of welding equipment during the procedure. The natural gas used to clean the pipes was discharged into a courtyard behind the main building. Investigators found that the vent pipes
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